Urban Farming Systems

Our farming systems bring together solutions, products, and the latest scientific research to create optimal results with minimal impact on resources. We help protect against forest, field, greenhouse and structural threats while improving the sustainability and resilience of urban communities.

A Coccinellidae crawling around for Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Most pests have natural enemies that control or suppress them effectively in the right conditions. It has been a valuable tactic in crop management around the world for many years, discouraging the development of  disease, pest insects and weeds, in a way that minimizes risks to humans and the environment.

IPM considers all available pest control techniques and other measures that discourage the development of pest populations. This includes chemical methods, monitoring, quarantine measures, cultural methods, bait and trapping and biological controls.

Showing crops with zero tillage

Conservation Agriculture

Tillage is still widely used by farmers worldwide and in the Netherlands for growing crops. It aims to create good conditions for the germination and growth of crops. What many do not know, however, is that through tillage, soil life, quality and oxygen actually decreases.

The practice of conserving agriculture assesses and optimizes the soil conditions organically with minimal tillage and pesticides. This system improves the soil structure and fertility for increased crop yield and a reduction in weeds. This can eliminate the need for chemical pesticides  completely.

Plants growing in different kind of farming systems

Other Systems

We offer near closed systems for fresh food including fish farming, mushrooms, and small scale vermiculture, with supporting models for herbs and microgreens. Our productions systems for food, water and renewable raw materials bring leading Urban Farming practices together for an innovative solution that lets communities choose and deploy local, sustainable food systems.

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