Our experts develop safe and harmonious solutions and bring them to production. Our Green Lab initiatives include market driven applied research and partnerships around specific challenges.

A Coccinellidae crawling around for Integrated Pest Management

Biological Control Agents

Biological control uses appropriate, specific organisms to control the population density of threatening organisms. This helps restore the ecosystem with minimal risks to humans and the environment.

Our solutions help restore balance to ecosystems. We can help create optimal conditions in forest, field, greenhouse and urban environments for best results. These solutions are custom designed to help protect you against a wide variety of diseases, insects and weeds.

Showing crops with zero tillage

Zero Tillage

As an extension of our Conservation Agriculture research, our expert team can help you plan for zero tillage and monitor results for optimum performance.

Mini Ecosystems made my Farm2Future

Mini Ecosystems

Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Our stand alone closed systems for food, waste and renewable raw materials can reduce environmental impact, with business models to support farming to the city. These systems produce fresh food locally for the local markets, including fish, mushrooms, and small scale vermiculture, herbs and microgreens.

Green Walls and Terrariums

Let our team bring green space to you. We happily offer green walls, terrariums and other lovely items to help you improve your air quality, mood and general space. Contact us for gift and team building ideas.

Small herbs in a sealed bag that is in development

In Development

Our experts are working hard on sustainable alternatives to products. Contact us to learn more about how we are bringing  B. cellulose and algae to packaging, cosmetics, wound treatments, desalination processes and more.

Do you have custom needs?

Contact us to discuss what we can do for your situation.