Farm2Future featured on RTV Oost

On October 10, Spinnerij Oosterveld was happy to receive a visit from local news channel RTV Oost for the recording of “Gevlucht naar Overijssel.” This Dutch program focused on refugees who overcome their challenges to build a new life in the Dutch region Overijssel.

Special stories  and successes are explored in the series. Our Walas colleague, Zilal, was invited to be featured in one of the programs, and was happy to share her story. The morning was filled with interviews, a visit to her laboratory at Spinnerij Oosterveld and insight into the important work she does for the Walas urban farming unit, Farm2Future.

Farm2Future focuses on sustainable food production in closed Urban Farming systems, using residual streams from the city (heat, water, kitchen waste, etc.) as much as possible to produce high-quality food. This work requires safe and sustainable biological control of pests that cause damage to the plant, such as certain fly and beet species. In her work, Zilal focuses on safe and sustainable biological control of pests that can cause damage to our closed Urban Farming systems, and in the open field. 

Zilal is a valuable addition to the urban farming team that has built up a wide range of expertise.The first episode of the program aired on Saturday, September 23rd and the last episode will air on Saturday, October 28th. More info about the program can be found on

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